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Warren PANICS As Her Campaign COLLAPSES Right In Front Of Her Eyes

Warren PANICS As Her Campaign COLLAPSES Right In Front Of Her Eyes

Good riddance…

Elizabeth Warren is officially losing it. She recently stated that she could not drop out because “If she drops out, it demonstrates that her campaign has been one of the biggest failures in recent memory, since Kamala Harris.”

She even took donation money from a woman who only had six dollars in her bank account because of student debt. The woman said, “I have six dollars in my bank account and I’m giving three dollars of it to you.” Instead of refusing and educating the woman on the proper way to retain her money, Warren tweets about the woman and basically showed the whole world she was willing to take from the poor.

“You know me, did the speech and then afterwards did a selfie line, and we were there for over an hour. People are coming through and they’re saying ‘thank you’ and they’re given hugs and talking about what’s important to them. Young woman came up by herself and she said, ‘I’m a broke college student with a lot of student loan debt.’ And she said, ‘I checked and I have six dollars in the bank. So I just gave three dollars to keep you in this fight.’ That’s what we gotta do.”

This makes no sense. Read the rest of the insanity here.

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