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Tucker Carlson REVEALS CNN’s Failure

Tucker Carlson REVEALS CNN’s Failure

They messed up big time…

The next election is right around the corner and according to Tucker Carlson, “there’s a strong chance” that the Democratic nominee will end up being Bernie Sanders. He also says that “if that happens – if Sanders becomes the official leader of the Democratic Party – there will be chaos.” 

People will be asking how Bernie Sanders became the Democratic nominee and Carlson has some information on the answer which he said starts with CNN running “a story claiming, without any proof at all, that Bernie Sanders had once told Elizabeth Warren, that a woman could not be president.” 

Because of this, many of Bernie’s supporters finally understood why the President would continue berating fake news CNN. The fake news spread by CNN boosted Sanders’ campaign and he received “more than 100,000 individual donations.”

CNN messed up like they always do and are paying for it. Read the rest of the article here.

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