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Traitor Mitt Romney PRAISES Biden For WHAT?

Traitor Mitt Romney PRAISES Biden For WHAT?

He better run for cover.

According to CNS News, Sen. Mitt Romney attacked President Donald Trump stating that he “has a blind spot when it comes to Russia.”

Romney said, “I think that president-elect Biden is a clear-eyed and intelligent individual. And he’s going to assess Russia and their capabilities in an appropriate way. But I also think that he will look at China and recognize that, long term, China is the more significant threat to America.”

He added, “Russia is, if you will, a gas station parading as a country, as John McCain used to say. And they have got extraordinary difficulties, and they’re lashing out in a moment of decline.”

He continued, “China, of course, is emerging stronger and stronger, and presents an extraordinary threat to freedom around the world and to our prosperity here. And so that’s going to be the more significant challenge that will be faced by a new president.” You can read the full article here.

Image credit: Newsweek

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