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Top Republican WRECKS Dr. Fauci

Top Republican WRECKS Dr. Fauci

He wasn’t expecting this one.

According to CNS News, Senator Rand Paul slammed Dr. Fauci stating that he should take a “leap.”

“What I tell people is use common sense,” said the senator. “If you’ve had the disease or been vaccinated, and you’re several weeks out from your second dose, throw your mask away and tell Dr. Fauci to take a leap. Because once you have immunity, you don’t need to do this.”

“They will never let up,” he said. “There are doctors out there saying, ‘Well, we need to wear them [masks] after the vaccine and really, we may need to wear them forever.’ That is ridiculous. And that defies the science.”

“So when you’ve had it and you have immunity, or you’ve had a vaccine and you’ve had your second dose and you’ve got immunity, I’d say throw your mask away,” said Paul.  “Tell these so-called ‘experts’ who say lockdowns work, tell them to take a flying leap because there is no scientific evidence that lockdowns have done anything to change the trajectory of this virus.” You can read the full article here.

Image credit: Business Insider

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