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“The View” Host Has MENTAL Breakdown Over Trump

“The View” Host Has MENTAL Breakdown Over Trump

She needs to be taken off the air…

“The View” host Whoopi Goldberg was recently caught stating that President Trump has “blood on his hands” for how he has been responding to the coronavirus pandemic. She also added that he’s doing “nothing” to combat the pandemic.

Goldberg said, “It’s willful ignorance. I’m sorry. You know, at some point, you know what you are looking at. He did not win. He lost. No amount of hand wringing or praying to the Lord to say, Lord, make him —it’s not going to happen. It’s not going to happen. He lost.”

“He lost this election, and because he lost, all those people who now have the virus who don’t make it from now until January 20th, this blood is on his hands, because this isn’t like he’s sitting around thinking ‘how can I help?’ He’s sitting around doing nothing. He’s doing nothing, and he knows what he needs to do, and he’s not doing it, and neither are these Republicans. I don’t know when America turned into this particular version of America, but I got to tell you I don’t like it. I’ve always had, you know, we’ve always had conversations that we don’t agree with people, but I’ve never been — I’ve never seen a president that didn’t care whether people lived or died, and it’s very clear.”

She must be in her own world because we all know Trump is doing his best during this pandemic. If Clinton had ended up winning the election, her actions would cause even more deaths and an even faster spread of coronavirus.

Read the rest of the article and watch a clip here.

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