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“The View” Host ERUPTS On Live Air

“The View” Host ERUPTS On Live Air

She needs to calm down before she hurts herself…

“The View” co-host Joy Behar recently blamed Trump and his administration of “negligent genocide” after the book from Bob Woodward came out stating that Trump was downplaying the threat of the coronavirus.

Behar stated, “He is not that bright. Who gives 18 interviews to Bob Woodward? That’s really stupid. I was watching the news, and a lot of people are talking about what he said and everything, but I would like to talk about something because as criminally negligent as Trump is, I would like to indict the enablers for a moment if I may. Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Senator Kennedy Senator of Louisiana, Senator Cramer of North Dakota, the silence of Republican leadership on Bounty-gate was deafening and on calling soldiers losers, but this is what I would call negligent genocide.”

She also added, “Trump knew the virus was deadly, and he held rallies and encouraged people to go out and not wear masks. He said, go out and enjoy yourselves. It’s going to be gone in a minute. What do the enablers say? I haven’t read the book. This is a gotcha book, or they say nothing. I would like to call on Mitt Romney today to open up his mouth because he’s the only one we can rely on to even say this much. Okay? Find your testicularity Senator Romney and speak out today. Thank you very much.”

She must have forgotten that Trump banned travel to and from China, while Democrats were calling him out for it. He was protecting America while the oblivious Democrats were calling him a xenophobe. He knew the dangers of coronavirus, he just did not want to have the public panicking.

Read the whole article here.

Image Credit: ABC News

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