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Ted Cruz EXPOSES Democrats’ Plans

Ted Cruz EXPOSES Democrats’ Plans

They are really doing this to hurt Trump.

Recently Sen. Ted Cruz stated that he believes that the Democrats are purposely stalling the economic relief to Americans in order to hurt Trump and hopefully benefit them.

Cruz said, “They are all in in keeping the economy shut down, keeping people out of work, keeping school shut down because they believe that benefits their political and partisan interest.”

“Well, based on their public statements and their private statements, I believe that both Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have decided they do not want to reach a deal, that they don’t want to have any significant legislation between now and Election Day.”

Cruz also added, “And the reason I believe they’ve made that decision is they’ve made some really cynical political calculation to maximize the economic pain that Americans are feeling because, in their judgment, the more people who are at home, who are broke and pissed off and unemployed, the more likely they believe it is that Joe Biden wins in November.”

It’s nasty that the Democrats are willing to hurt Americans in order to get their candidate into the White House.

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