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Senator EXPOSES Democrat Plan

Senator EXPOSES Democrat Plan

So this is what they are really after…

During a podcast, Senator Roger Marshall stated that the Democrats need to have a “liberal Supreme Court” in order to pass their unconstitutional bills.

He said, “If you’re going to pass unconstitutional plans, then you’re going to need a liberal Supreme Court that will not declare them unconstitutional. If you’re going to take away our Second Amendment, if you’re going to pass laws that take away our freedom of speech, our freedoms of religion — H.R. 1 is absolutely unconstitutional grab.”

“Now they need a Supreme Court that’s liberal. There is a method behind their madness, and that’s why I’m glad you’re talking about it; Breitbart is bringing it to people’s attention, the fight’s on, and we’re all in on this docket.”

This is probably a big reason for many Democrats advocating for court packing.

Read the full story here.

Image Credit: Axios

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