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Rush Limbaugh RIPS Democrats A New One

Rush Limbaugh RIPS Democrats A New One

He’s giving them a piece of his mind.

Rush Limbaugh recently stated on his talk show that the Democrats were knowingly publishing a “dud” story on President Trump and his tax returns.

Limbaugh said, “Then you’ve got this New York Times story — I’m sorry. The tax story, it’s a dud. It is a dud measured against their expectations and their hopes.”

The New York Post had released a story after analyzing several years of Trump’s tax returns and stated that Trump had paid very little in income tax. Trump has denied the report, and Limbaugh also added that the story is a failure because there was a “lack of Russian connections.”

He said, “This tax business is a total bust because the primary reason the Democrats in the media wanted it was they were convinced that if they could get hold of Trump’s tax returns, that inside those returns would be evidence, irrefutable … evidence that Trump had indeed meddled with the Russians, that Trump indeed owed all of his financial legitimacy to the Russians.”

Read the whole article here.

Image Credit: USA Today

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