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Republican Traitor Gets Called To Do THIS

Republican Traitor Gets Called To Do THIS

Here’s what happened…

Two House Republicans have called for Republican traitor Liz Cheney to resign from her post for trying to prevent Trump from speaking at CPAC’s 2021 convention.

Rep. Chip Roy said, “I consider Liz a friend, and I stood on the floor with the conference defending her right to defend herself and taking what she described was a vote of conscience. I believe that’s important, and so I did so. Yesterday, Liz forfeited a right to be chair of the Republican conference.”

Rep. Andy Biggs added, “That was one of the most outrageous statements, but it’s consistent with at least four other statements she’s made in the last few weeks. As you know, some of us in this group led a charge to remove Ms. Cheney as the chairwoman leader of the Republican conference. I do not believe she is able to carry that out any further.”

Read the whole article here.

Image Credit: Los Angeles Time

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