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Republican Senator SHOCKS Americans By Doing THIS

Republican Senator SHOCKS Americans By Doing THIS

This is what we need in a leader.

Senator Rob Portman has recently announced that he will be donating his salary to five charities over the next two months to help in combating the coronavirus outbreak.

He said, “Many Ohioans are hurting right now due to the coronavirus pandemic, struggling to pay their bills and make ends meet. Many individuals are seeing their paychecks disappear and small business owners throughout the state are making sacrifices as they struggle to keep their doors open.”

“These organizations are representative of so many great nonprofits and volunteers that are responding to the urgent needs of individuals, families, and small businesses across Ohio during this coronavirus crisis.”

The Twenty-Seventh Amendment states that lawmakers are not allowed to change their own salaries, however, it does not bar them from donating their salaries.

While many Democrats have been talking about how President Trump is not doing enough during to combat the crisis, Republicans are actually doing things to help. Democrats should really take a note from what Republicans are doing instead of moving their mouths.

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Image Credit: New York Post

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