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Republican Leaves Democrats SPEECHLESS With Latest Statement

Republican Leaves Democrats SPEECHLESS With Latest Statement

They are running for cover.

According to Breitbart News, Rep. Devin Nunes slammed Democrats for having Russia collusion “fantasies.”

Nunes said, “We said for a long time that we had no evidence of collusion. One of the goals that we had going into this — and you’re going to have Trey Gowdy on later in the show. And we had a strategy here that we wanted to get every single person that we interviewed whether or not they knew of any evidence of collusion, coordination, or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians. Furthermore, what you will see, Maria, is that we even asked questions about hearsay. Did they hear anything? Do they know anything? Do they have any leads for us whatsoever? And the answer was always the same, nothing. But what you had day after day is, you had coordination with the Democrats and the mainstream media, who were essentially their mouthpieces. They would go out, run out of these hearings and say, oh, my gosh, we just had bombshells today. It was really bad. We interviewed this Trump associate, that Trump associate.”

He added, “However, the opposite was true. And I think the really enlightening thing that you will see through this is not just that. I think most Americans that watch your show, that are up to speed on this, who have known this was a hoax all along, they get that there’s not going to be anything new in these transcripts, other than there will likely be — you will see — you will begin to see where some of our criminal referrals are based out of, some of the false testimony that was given to Congress. But what you will also see is, you will see the deep, dark fantasies of the Democrats in the House. Where are those sick fantasies — where do they originate from? You will see that they ask people about the pee tape of all things, of all things.”

Nunes further stated, “And I know it’s Mother’s Day, and I don’t want to talk like this. But this was the Russian dirt, OK, that came from Fusion GPS and the Clinton campaign. They had these fantasies, whether they — and we know now that they didn’t even get them from Russians. They claimed they were getting them from Russians.”

he continued, “And here, at the same time, you have got the Democrats in the House of Representatives accusing the Trump campaign of coordinating with Russia, when the reality was — is that they were the ones who were paying for dirt that they thought came from Russians, and then asking about sick things like pee tapes and prostitutes to every one of these witnesses that came in.” You can read the full article here.

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