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Republican Deals DEVASTATING Blow To Biden

Republican Deals DEVASTATING Blow To Biden

This one has to hurt.

According to CNS News, Sen. John Cornyn slammed President Joe Biden asking if that he will ever think that Americans do not need masks.

Cornyn said, “I would just ask the question — when, if ever, would the president believe that masking is no longer required? I have yet to hear a definition from him of when that moment would occur.”

He added, “And so I think, as people hear some of these arbitrary rules, they see some of their leaders not living by their own advice, like Governor Newsom and others, they seem increasingly arbitrary.”

He continued, “You have got to wear a mask when you’re riding in your car by yourself, or when you’re outdoors jogging with plenty of space. I mean, some of this is not based on any science. It’s based on government mandate for — to conformity that doesn’t make much sense.” You can read the full article here.

Image credit: OpIndia

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