Post Masonry – Style 2

Far-Left Actor COWERS When Faced With BACKLASH

He should have known this would happen…

Mayor ERUPTS After Reporter Asks Simple Question

He couldn’t handle the truth.

Top Republican SLAMS Anti-Gun Policies

Here’s what it means for you… According to Fox News, newly-elected Rep. Lauren Boebert skewered…

Trump BREAKS Silence On Impeachment

Here’s what he said…

Liberal Host Deals LOW Blow To Trump

Here’s what she said.

Liberal Hosts Deal LOW Blow To Republican

They have lost all their marbles.

Top Republican KICKS Trump To The Curb

You won’t believe what he said.

Fox News Host Leaves Trump Traitor SPEECHLESS

He wasn’t expecting this one.

Trump Completely WRECKS Republican Traitor

He’s not messing around.

Traitor John Bolton Goes CRAZY Over Trump

You won’t believe what he said.