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Pompeo EXPOSES Top Democrat’s Possible Ties To China

Pompeo EXPOSES Top Democrat’s Possible Ties To China

You won’t believe what he said.

According to The Daily Wire, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo slammed Sen. Dianne Feinstein stating that she is “not consistent with America’s national security.”

“Why do some in Congress not say the same thing that you have been saying, that this administration has been communicating?” Fox News host Bartiromo asked. “There doesn’t seem to be an all-out agreement within the Congress on this.”

“Maria, I saw the statement from Senator Feinstein. I found it perplexing,” Pompeo responded. “I saw statements from senior American CEOs of the big tech companies this week saying they hadn’t heard or seen about intellectual property theft in the United States. That’s — that’s crazy talk.”

“I mean, I was particularly struck by Dianne Feinstein, because didn’t she have a driver for 20 years that we ended up finding out was a Chinese spy?” Bartiromo later pressed.

“You will recall, she meets with some frequency with Foreign Minister Zarif there too,” Pompeo responded. “There’s something not quite right.”

“I mean, and this is not consistent — this is not consistent with America’s national security,” Pompeo continued. “In either case, these are adversaries that intend harm for the citizens of her state of California. And I wish that she would not engage in this kind of rhetoric and these kind of meetings that undermine America’s efforts.” You can read the full article here.

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