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Pelosi BREAKS DOWN, Attacks Trump For THIS

Pelosi BREAKS DOWN, Attacks Trump For THIS

She has really lost it all…

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi recently called the Trump administration’s delay “in ensuring coronavirus testing and supplies ‘almost sinful,’ as he now weighs when to reopen the economy.”

According to Politico, Pelosi was on the phone with House Democrats when she said, “The more misrepresentations he puts out there, the more it obscures the truth. We have to insist upon the truth—what they’re saying is not knowledge, is not facts, is not real.”

Politico also reported that Pelosi reaffirmed her attacks on the lack of testing and called it “a complete failure,” as well as saying that without a proper plan, “it would be impossible to guarantee a safe reentry.”

She also included, “And we cannot let them lie about it.”

Pelosi is making wild accusations and she seems to be off her rocker. Maybe she just needs to retire and let someone more competent take her seat.

Read the full article here.

Image Credit: ABC News

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