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Nancy Pelosi Leaves Americans In The DUST

Nancy Pelosi Leaves Americans In The DUST

She has given up on America.

According to Breitbart News, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has stated she’s “very proud” of Democrats refusing to pass a smaller stimulus bill.

CNN Senior Congressional Correspondent Manu Raju asked, “Was it a mistake not to accept half of a loaf months ago? When you said I’m not going to accept half a loaf –?”

Pelosi interjected, “I’m going to tell you something, don’t characterize what we did before as a mistake, as a preface to your question if you want an answer. That was not a mistake. It was a decision, and it has taken us to a place where we can do the right thing without other, shall we say, considerations in the legislation that we don’t want. Now, that is it. Now, the fact is, I’m very proud of where we are.” You can watch a clip of Pelosi’s remarks here.

Image credit: ABC News

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