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McConnell Prepares For Trial Without The Democrats

McConnell Prepares For Trial Without The Democrats

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sent a message today to Pelosi that she was not prepared for…

According to the Politico, McConnell is preparing to start President Trump’s impeachment trial regardless of whether or not Democrats agree to the ground rules of the trial.

This comes as a big blow to Pelosi because Republicans have proven that she truly has no power in the Senate and will not run the show like she’s wanted to.

McConnell intends to publish a set of rules that are very similar to the rules Senate used during Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial which would call for a later vote of whether or not to allow witnesses.

This move spells bad news for Senate Democrats who wanted to guarentee witnesses for their bogus impeachment trial.

While this doesn’t guarentee that the trial will start, it does mean McConnell has confidence that the 53 members of Senate will not let Democrats run the show and pull any surprise punches against President Trump.

However, sadly not all the Republicans are pushing for President Trump’s security. Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) has stated, “I’d like to hear from John Bolton and other witnesses to provide information. That process will accommodate that. The Clinton process allows for a vote on witnesses to occur after opening arguments,” signaling that he could possibly cause division among Republicans in the Senate.

Image credit: The Seattle Times

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