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Mayor ERUPTS After Reporter Asks Simple Question

Mayor ERUPTS After Reporter Asks Simple Question

He couldn’t handle the truth.

Mayor of Portland Ted Wheeler became enraged after a reporter asked him if the rioting in his city “set the stage” for the events that occurred in Capitol Hill recently.

Reporter Genevieve Reaume asked Wheeler, “Last week, we watched as pro-Trump supporters broke into the U.S. Capitol; the insurrection was unlike anything this country has ever seen. But just three weeks ago, protesters broke into the Oregon State Capitol. I have heard people at these protests elsewhere saying, ‘Well, they let it happen in Portland, so why not do it here?'”

“It seems, in some way, the actions of these small groups (of protesters) that you’re referring to, have set the stage for what has happened on a state level, and potentially a national level.”

Wheeler then decided to explode saying, “Are you blaming me for what happened at the U.S. Capitol. I don’t buy that premise, at all.”

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