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Maxine Waters Goes CRAZY, Deals LOW Blow To Trump

Maxine Waters Goes CRAZY, Deals LOW Blow To Trump

She’s lost her mind.

According to CNS News, Rep. Maxine Waters attacked President Donald Trump stating he “is a dangerous example for children.”

“Trump is a dangerous example for children and those who tend to follow him,” Waters said.

“Not wearing a mask and not social distancing is dangerous,” Waters said. “Do not follow his example. Protect yourself. Coronavirus kills.”

“Maybe this ignoramus doesn’t care, but you should care about yourself,” she said

In her next tweet, Waters questioned whether Trump is taking Hydroxychloroquine as he has claimed.

“Trump claims to be taking #Hydroxychloroquine but why should we believe him when he lies all the time?” she said,

“Maybe it’s just a good marketing job to get others to take it so that he can profit from his investment,” Waters said. “Latest info on #hydroxychloroquine is that it causes death, SOOOO??” You can read the full article here.

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