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Liberal News Host Uses THIS To Attack Trump

Liberal News Host Uses THIS To Attack Trump

Here’s what he said.

According to Breitbart News, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough attacked President Donald Trump stating he’s “on the wrong side of the American people on just about every issue.”

“[Y]ou look at … mail-in ballots. That’s yet another example of Donald Trump, who has always been able to read an audience, Donald Trump … man, he’s on the wrong side of the American people on just about every issue here. You talk about mail-in ballots and BBC News, Wall Street Journal poll out this week shows a majority, I think like 55%, 56%, 57% of Americans support mail-in ballots, expansive mail-in ballots. You talk about these movements to reopen the governments, reopen the states, reopen businesses before these medical guidelines are met that the White House themselves put out. The overwhelming majority of Americans, the overwhelming majority of Americans are against this.”

He continued, “You know, Donald Trump and some of his sycophants in the media are suggesting that it’s just like medical doctors and people in the media who are spouting this. This is the same BS that they were saying back in February that the coronavirus was being hyped up, and the hyping was a hoax by the media. As we’ve been saying every day, Americans — you can lie about Robert Mueller, people are like, ‘Alright, whatever, I got to get my kids school. I got to work, and I got to pay my lease this month.’ But, when you’re lying about their health and they’ve got a doctor to call, and they’ve got friends that have recently gone to nursing homes who have people who are dying, and they’re afraid that they’re going to be dying and it’s spreading all over the place, and you know, they’re reading stories and seeing stories of … bodies being found in New Jersey nursing homes, in Brooklyn nursing homes, and they understand that could be them, you can’t lie your way out of that.” You can watch a clip of Scarborough’s remarks here.

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