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Liberal News Host EXPLODES, Tears Into 2020 Democrat

Liberal News Host EXPLODES, Tears Into 2020 Democrat

They’re handing Trump 2020.

According to the Daily Caller, after a recent Democratic debate in South Carolina, an MSNBC News panel slammed 2020 presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, stating that his jokes during the debate were “flat” and “scripted.”

“There were several flat deliveries of jokes by Mike Bloomberg. Some of them were obviously scripted,” noted host Lawrence O’Donnell. “So, part of the homework for reviving this candidacy within the debate was going to be ‘let’s use that New York humor’ — that absolutely did not work.”

“More than anything else, this was the California debate. It’s the last time California voters see these people in the debate stage. And California has these three hugely expensive media markets. San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco. Bloomberg’s the only one who can really buy those markets the way you need to buy them now,” he said. You can read the full article here.

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