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Liberal Media Goes CRAZY After Trump Does THIS

Liberal Media Goes CRAZY After Trump Does THIS

They have lost all their marbles.

According to the Daily Caller, members of MSNBC attacked President Donald Trump over his recent ad for the Georgia Senate runoff.

“So setting aside the fact that that ad makes it look like Donald Trump won perhaps multiple Nobel peace prizes,” MSNBC political analyst Jonathan Lemire said. “We, of course, know that we should be grateful, I suppose, that the president didn’t use the tag line the ‘other white meat’ with that ad. And I suppose it’s also fitting that a political odyssey that began with the fraudulent Trump steaks ends perhaps with that ad and its own erroneous claims.”

“This is more than just playing the fiddle while Rome burns,” Glaude said. “This is madness. So, on the one hand, it’s absurd. On the other hand, it’s profoundly, profoundly decadent and reveals the depth of how callous the president of the United States actually is.” You can read the full article here.

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