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Largest Market SHUTS DOWN Over Coronavirus

Largest Market SHUTS DOWN Over Coronavirus

It’s getting crazier…

The New York Stock Exchange has announced that the trading floor will be temporarily shutting down because of the coronavirus outbreak. The decision to shut down was because two people had tested positive for the virus. The President of the NYSE, Stacey Cunningham, said, “The closure was in part as a result of positive coronavirus tests of two people. The entrants were stopped at the medical screenings at the Big Board.”

Cunningham continued, “We implemented a number a number of safety precautions over the past couple of weeks, and starting on Monday this week we started pre-emptive testing of employees and screening of anyone who came into the building. If that screening warranted additional testing, we tested people and they were sent home and not given access to the building. A couple of those test cases have come back positive.”

The stock market has not been doing well with the current events and the fact that the famous trading floor of the NYSE is closing means that things might not be getting better. Read the full story here.

Image Credit: Business Insider

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