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Kellyanne Conway BREAKS Silence On Michael Flynn

Kellyanne Conway BREAKS Silence On Michael Flynn

Here’s what she said.

According to Breitbart News, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway defended former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn stating that he was set up.

“[This] should have a chilling effect on every American … because if it can happen to the president’s newly-installed national security advisor, it can happen to you, ladies and gentlemen,” Conway advised. “And by the way, the fix was in. Peter Strzok and his co-sexter texter Lisa Page and the whole lot of them at the upper echelon of the FBI misrepresenting the rank and file of 35,000 wonderful FBI agents across this country and world that do a fabulous job on the behalf of each of us and God bless each of them.”

She added, “People should look at this for what it is: taxpayers funded this nonsense, and to think that four days into our administration, they’re coming into the White House — not to be helpful to the incoming administration, the national security advisor and by extension helpful to you, the American people and our new presidency — but to try to trip him up, get him ‘fired’ or get him to lie. And that is a disgrace, and everybody as the president has said, should be concerned about that regardless of your political affiliation.” You can watch a clip of Conway’s comments here.

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