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James Comey Deals LOW BLOW To Trump

James Comey Deals LOW BLOW To Trump

You won’t believe what he said.

According to Breitbart News, former FBI Director James Comey attacked President Donald Trump stating he does not have integrity.

Comey said, “My message is to independents, to former Republicans and to those principles Republicans who are left that there are things above policy disagreements. It’s important that we have policy disagreements in this country, but when it comes to our core values, there’s no them, there’s only us. And you need to stare at those things like the rule of law and the truth in deciding who should be president. And my message is we have to have a president who is decent and is a person of integrity. We don’t have that, and we’ll have that if we elect Joe Biden.”

When asked about QAnon, Comey said, “There’s always been an attraction to nutty conspiracy theories. The difference here is that it was always hard to talk to crazy, but crazy was outside the fence. Maybe shouting at the White House from outside the security fence. Well, now it’s not only on the White House grounds and in the building. So how do you deal with that?”

He added, “It makes it a much more serious phenomena that the president is not only not condemning the craziness, which as the FBI said could be dangerous but wrapping his arms around it. So crazy is in the house. It is no longer enough for those of us who are not crazy to say who can believe that blood-drinking pedophiles? We have to take it seriously because it’s in the house, and it could be dangerous.” You can read the full article here.

Image credit: The Western Journal

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