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Ilhan Omar Shouts RIDICULOUS DEMAND At Crowd

Ilhan Omar Shouts RIDICULOUS DEMAND At Crowd

She has gone too far…

Ilhan Omar was at a Bernie rally recently and introduced him as a “candidate who will lead the ‘revolution.'”

She said: “Are you all ready for this revolution? Are you ready to fight for someone you don’t know? I want each one of you in the audience to take a quick moment with me. Hold the hand of the person to your right. It’s going to be all right. And then, I want you to turn to them and look them in the eye. Don’t be shy.  Look at the person to your right. And then I want you to tell that that you are ready to fight for them. Because — we do this because while others are gathered tonight to fight our movement, we are gathered to fight for somebody we don’t know. Because that is the Minnesota thing to do.”

What is Omar saying? Someone we don’t know? Sanders is very well known as a hypocrite, a looney socialist, and someone who does not deserve to become president.

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Image Credit: The Atlantic

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