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Hillary Clinton Moves To SCREW Trump Over

Hillary Clinton Moves To SCREW Trump Over

She just can’t get enough of Trump

According to The Daily Wire, Hillary Clinton attacked President Donald Trump stating that he will try to steal the upcoming election.

“If you were asked to serve in the next administration, would you accept?” 19th Washington correspondent Amanda Becker asked Clinton during an interview.

“I would. I’m not even going to go there because I am so focused right now on just helping them get elected, which is what I think everybody should be focused on,” Clinton responded. “And let me just add, and I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna scare people, but I want you to be prepared, I have every reason to believe that Trump is not going to go silently into the night if he loses.”

“He’s going to try to confuse us,” Clinton claimed without evidence. “He’s going to try to bring all kinds of lawsuits. He’s got his crony Attorney General Barr ready to do whatever is necessary. So I can’t even think yet about the administration.” You can read the full article here.

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