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George Conway: Impeach Trump

George Conway: Impeach Trump

Conservative lawyer George Conway on Thursday called for President Donald Trump to be impeached, entrenching himself even deeper in opposition to his wife, senior counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway, in the wake of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

While his wife on Thursday said that Mueller’s nearly two-year investigation was a “political proctocology exam and the president has been given a clean bill of health,” George Conway called Trump a “cancer on the presidency” that Congress must “excise … without delay.”

George Conway took issue with the defense of Trump’s allies that obstruction cannot occur without an underlying crime, reiterating a point made by Mueller that it’s not a valid excuse in a court of law.

In comparison with Richard Nixon, who resigned as president rather than face impeachment for obstructing an investigation into his cover-up of the Watergate burglary, what Trump is accused of doing was arguably worse, Conway wrote. And where Nixon had the assistance of his aides, Conway argued, Trump was a “one-man show” whose aides thwarted his attempts to curtail the investigation according to Mueller.

Who do you support? KELLYANNE or GEORGE?

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  • George Conway got recognition at last, I never heard of him until he showed his ugly liberal side. No respect for his wife, a Democratic Bum like the rest

  • Hey George, nobody gives a flying fuck what you think. Quit trying to make a name for yourself on the back of your wife. Eat shit you dumb ass!!!!

    • Yes, she shpould! He has 0 respect for his wife! He is such a small, small man physically and mentally! Yuk, dump him Kellyanne, you can do better without this albrotos around your neck. Love you!

    • Being a good Christian, I’m sure she prays for her husband to transform and evolve. Maybe they’ve separated, I don’t know.

    • George is a little fat boy who nobody knows and he wants some of the attention that, (HOPEFULLY ex) KellyAnn has gotten. He looks like a spoiled, pouty young boy. when interviewed last the question was raised about her husband. She said we don’t discuss politics at home. He still continues to pout. What a tiny little, overweight little boy. Does he wear “Little Lord Fauntleroy” pants and suck his thumb. How dare you try to take down your wife. Again, that is so childish!!

  • I LOVE Kellyanne, but this husband of hers ( maybe next ) HAS TO GO! I truly wonder how these two can share a house….a bed??????

    • Porkie George is a real piece of work to do this to Kellyanne! Never heard of this bozo but the disrespect toward his wife is reprehensible! Kellyanne is intelligent, gracious, classy and a vital asset to the President! A true Patriot! This troll is a sad excuse for a lawyer & husband! 🤢

  • I thought Kellyanne had better taste in men. She now has a reason if she divorces Georgie Porgie she can say that she had no idea what she was doing and plead temporary insanity.

    • George Conway is jealous of her close working situation with President Trump/. SHE CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER. AND ONCE A SPOUSE GETS IT IN HIS/HER THAT THE OTHER IS RUNNING AROUND, THE MAN THINKS EVERYTHING A WIFE DOES MEANS THEY WANT A DIVORCE, WELL, George, not always but in your case yes. She is by far, the one in the family that has common sense an use it on fat, little men who needs to go to Jenny Craig, immediately>

  • Here is an idea George Conway. If President Trump gets imprached? You’d better hide, that is all I am saying. Many of you Liberals had better pray the President doesn’t get impeached. You Liberals are running around this nation committing your acts of violence? Trump gets impeached, you haven’t seen anything. This is something I read a few days back. America is in a Civil War right now between Conservative Volunteer Government and Leftist Democratic Professional Government. It is getting ready to explode. Trump is impeached? It will.

  • G Conway is pond scum. Kelly Anne was a dinner guest at Dana Pointe who charmed the table even before Trump was a factor in a sea of losers.

    G should should shut the f up.

  • Maybe Conway wants to move in and live with his possible butt buddy Obama and his already butt buddy Mike / Michelle? O bozo has already almost screwed out country into the point of no return! Maybe they will catch him red-handed next time they raid the human trafficking hide out on Obozos property he owns in a foreign land down south!

  • One has to be, either a dunce or a dunce not to get it!
    We, the people, don’t like you, George Conway.
    Stop trying to trip our President, as well as, your wife.
    What part of NO can’t you get? Is it the N or the O? We elected our President and we are very happy with the job he is doing, regardless of the obstacles that the sore losers are placing on his daily performance. Nevertheless, he has proven to be a very strong man, an excellent negotiator and a first class financier. The sum of all these attributes, plus his integrity, makes him one of the top Presidents we ever had. I support him, and for the first time in my lengthy life, I am being public about my political support. He deserves it 100%!

  • Well, we voice our disqust with obama, the Clinton’s, the bidens, the FBI and most of the DOJ & socialist liberal democrat party….. to no avail (at the moment they’ve still getting away with their crimes), so George riding on his spouse’s success (cause we wouldn’t even know this weakling if not for her) and the freedom of speech gives him the right to say what he wants …. short of a threat of violence! I question why anyone listens to him, they didn’t until his wife’s boss got elected. Actually, he didn’t exist untill then. They may have a Pres. Regan marriage but I’ll be surprised if it survived….. just because he’s embarrassing her more than the President.

  • U political asswipes an libs.dems an dummies.say shit in a say stuff written down for you.
    U dont even.have enough sense to think on ur own.
    You’re dividing our country because of you losing.wait till you lose this civil war you’re starting.the people who elected President TRUMP WILL HAVE BULLETS AN BOMBS.ITS COMING AN YOU FKN LOSERS ARE WHY.YALL ARE SOME DUMB SOBS.BETTER LAY DOWN.AMERICA HAS SPOKEN


    • Hey, Asshole! Have you been following the news? trump, the asshole you lick every day has told over 9,000 lies so far. Have you heard about the Mueller report? Mr. Moron asked his aides to do illegal things but they didn’t listen to him and that’s the only reason why trump hasn’t been impeached yet.

  • Hard to believe Kellyanne would marry such a stupid bum. He’s not a conservative lawyer. A RINO at best. More like an ambulance chaser who could sit around without lifting a finger because his wife makes such good money, but noooo, he has to act like a fat little hog who didn’t get to use his playstation while stuffing junk food in his trap and inhaling a gallon of mountain dew. Hey fat boy, grow up and be a man for your wife.

  • The prospect of a civil war between liberals and conservatives is unimaginable. The conservatives have over eight trillion rounds of ammunition while the liberals are still trying to find out which bathroom to use.

  • I think George Conway is crazy , he need to shut up and need to see psychologist, something is wrong with that guy, I thought he is a lawyer and he should know the rule of law, didn’t he go to school to depend the of the law of the land, how can he depend someone if he have a twisted mind, I admired Kellyanne Conway she’s a good person GOD BLESS her, if that’s me I probably hide my head in the sand not to see his face forever

  • I believe, Georgie-Porgy-is just JEALOUS, that ‘his WIFE’, is FAMOUS, Articulate, Smart & LOVED, by Conservatives-he, on the other hand, is a NON-ENTITY! SO, he attempts, to ‘BE A SOMEBODY’, like, WARREN IS DOING! Ain’t, gonna happen, GEORGIE!

  • Kellyanne needs to sail him down the river. Watch him go over Niagara Falls lol. How much tension u think is the household 😝. They probably don’t eve. Speak any more and for sure he ain’t getting anything lol.

  • Little fat loser…………………..jealous of his wife. She’s the presidents right hand woman and he’s a chubby nothing.

  • If I was Kellyanne I would toss his stuff out the door and change the locks. File for divorce and take him for every dime. HERES PRAYING his mouth is ruining his law business.

  • G. Conway is absolutely not a conservative, he is a closet Democrat . These little popcorn wimpy girly boys better be very careful,when they start talking about impeachment of a duly elected president!

  • How about impeaching Elizabeth Ponochiohontas Warren and Nancy Peloser? Why hasn’t crooked Hillary been arrested for the crimes we know she has committed, that’s right you wind up DEAD if you stand up to her. They are some of the career bottom feeders in the swamp, and Georgie boy is swimming around in there with them. He knows that if they go his wallet will get thinner. Let us not forget Chuck swamp swimmer Schumer and the braindead self-proclaimed high school bully Joe Bite Me Biden who lie to minorities to cause division among the populous. Convincing them that they need them to look out for their best interests. These are the people who are causing strife in this country. Why do we not have term limits in Congress? Because the libtards know they would have to find a real job when their terms in office are over.

  • This Dem. Total Opposition B/S, regardless of subject matter, is gonna cause a Civil War, that they have no chance of winning! The Dems. had the election rigged for Hilary, and Still Lost!

  • The more these disturbed liberals speak out the stronger President Trump becomes! They show themselves for the lunatic Fringe that they are. The reality is that normal America loves, respects, and supports President Trump. Four more years and then eight for Pence!

    • Liberals have no grounds, just pure hatred. Would strip us of democracy since most of us voted for Trump. They spend our tax dollars trying to destroy
      Trump, not taking care of America’s interest or doing their job!

  • He is an American, and has the right to his opinion, irregardless of how pathetic it is! Giving this ass hole a soap box is a different matter! Jelly Ann deserves better! He must have a small penis!

  • So Georgie who apparently is impotent is using his wife’s position to remain relevant. Georgie, I strongly suggest some OTC testosterone supplements to help you develop a pair of working testicles and to stop wearing Kellyanne’s clothes and make up.
    Robert Block

  • He is just another little turd floating in the mainstream in the sewer of life in DC. We need to dump some Rid-X in it, then flush it. They’re all Dumbocrap turds.

  • What’s a nice looking conservative lady like Kelly Anne doing with a fat turd liberal asshat like that? She needs to leave that liberal cancerp and find a real man.


  • “Who do you support? KELLYANNE or GEORGE?”

    Neither. I support our constitutional republic and our duly elected and sworn POTUS, Donald J. Trump.

    • He wasn’t “duly elected” The election was infected by Russian social media hacking.
      You may have been brainwashed by them, but would never admit it because true brainwashing makes you oblivious.

  • Let the Conways settle their own issues; ignore George’s “press releases” & he will stop. Kellyanne needs to take time off for family leave. Leave of absence can heal.

  • Donald Trump is an ASS that should of never been elected PRESIDENT. He needs to be removed from the office one way or another.


  • THis Guy is a prime example of a wimp husband who can’t stand for his wife to be successful and most likely contributes more to the marriage than he does. Another supporter of “the woman belongs in the kitchen and bedroom”. He is using the president in an attempt to get her kicked out and back under his thumb. I don’t think that will work out well for him.

  • Kellyanne is a bright smart attractive loyal very intelligent woman and for her to live with this liberal democratic Trump Hater makes me feel so bad for her that she has to live with this disgusting thing. I know divorces are not easy to deal with but without a doubt she deserves so much better than this thing.

  • Wow. This guy sounds like a spouse abuser and unfit father. Who in his right mind would do this publicly to his wife and children? Perhaps Kellyanne should seek help through the courts and have a judge put out a gag order on this fat pig. He is doing emotional harm to his four children. This cannot be a good environment in that household. Guess this proves that some men cannot stand having a wife more successful than them. We saw this play out with the Clintons. How many times did Bill go out and make statements that went against Hillary on the campaign trail? Not that I care, she got what she deserved. However, it does support my aforementioned hypothesis.

  • Kellyanne is a remarkable person. I have trusted her opinions for over twenty years.
    For me to take sides in their political opinions would be ill advised.
    Opinions are not remarkable, everyone has one. Facts are something else; they are based on verifiable actions. Mr Clonney only has opinions.
    Kellyanne must deal with her family, something her husband has not done. I sympathize with her predicament.
    All I can do is pray for them. We all should.

  • This man is a total idiot. Where did he come from,. He is just wanting publicity for some reason, perhaps he is embarrassed THAT HIS WIFE IS SMARTER THAN HE IS.

  • It sounds like Conway needs to divorces her old fat BOY and commit into
    a MENTAL INSTITUTION for the DUMB and DUMBER. He sounds like Omar
    with her head screwed on to WRONG.. I can’t see what KellyAann could see in FAT BOY !!

  • It sounds like Conway needs to divorces her old fat BOY and commit into
    a MENTAL INSTITUTION for the DUMB and DUMBER. He sounds like Omar
    with her head screwed on to WRONG.. I can’t see what KellyAann could see in FAT BOY !! Ge

  • How can Kellyanne even look at this short, fat toad without getting sick. He is a thorn in the side of patriotic Americans. Just because his wife has a better position than this little man he is jealous and this is his way of getting his wife fired. Doesn’t he have anything else to do but complain about the greatest president in our lifetime? JEALOUS MUCH?

  • Conway said he turned the job down in the White House. I thought that was definitely a possibility. Then, George Conway started bashing Trump more and more. To the point that I don’t think George Conway turned that job down at all. The only reason somebody would act scorned, like Conway is acting, is if he didn’t get something he thought he deserved! I think President Trump turned Conway down for the WH job which pushed him over the edge!

  • One day this tinkerbell will get his comeuppance and I just hope I’m able to watch. He’s just a pimple on a good woman’s butt that needs squeezed…..and soon.

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