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Furious Republican SLAMS Protesters

Furious Republican SLAMS Protesters

Here’s what she said.

According to Breitbart News, Senator Joni Ernst slammed protesters taking down statues stating “I think this has gone far enough.”

“I think this has gone far enough,” Ernst advised. “We need to restore law and order here in the United States, and of course, we support protests. There are still some folks that are out there protesting police brutality and racial injustice, but peaceful protest is what we are looking for — dialogue. And what we are seeing is plain old vandalism. That is not protest, that is vandalism. So again, we need to restore law and order and have healthy dialogue, not what we are seeing on the streets today.”

“[L]et’s have some real discussion, let’s sit down and work through the issues. We are not going to find it by vandalizing statues. We are not going to find it by inciting violence in the streets. That’s not how we will come to resolution,” she added. You can watch a clip of Ernst’s remarks here.

Image credit: NBC News

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