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Fox News Host Leaves Trump Traitor SPEECHLESS

Fox News Host Leaves Trump Traitor SPEECHLESS

He wasn’t expecting this one.

According to The Daily Wire, Fox News host Martha MacCallum slammed Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger stating that he has a “grudge” against President Donald Trump.

Macallum stated, “I just want to ask you once again to respond specifically to Senator Perdue, who said that he thought it was inappropriate and disgusting to release this audio. What — how do you respond to him on that charge?”

RAFFENSPERGER: Senator Perdue still owes my wife an apology for all the death threats she got after he asked for my resignation. And I have not heard one peep from that man since. If he wants to call me face to face, man to man, I will talk to him off the record. But he hasn’t done that.

Macallum said, “So, do you think — it feels like this is very much about a grudge and…”

Raffensperger : It’s not a grudge at all.

Macallum interjected, “Between you and the president, and between you and Mr. Perdue, that…” You can watch a clip of the conversation here.

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