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Democrats Get A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

Democrats Get A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

Now they will know how it feels…

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy chastised the Democrats after they decided to “prioritize liberal pet projects over coronavirus relief.”

He said, “Thirty-eight times since the summer, the Democrats have voted against any COVID relief. With all the challenges America has right now, we think COVID relief should be on the floor. But instead, the Democrats put cats and cannabis – this week they’re going to outlaw big tigers, and they’re going to legalize cannabis. They’re picking weed over the workers. They’re picking marijuana over the much-needed money we need to go forward, the small businesses that are closing.”

“I don’t understand the double standards of what we see from these Democratic leaders. How many times did Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi tell us we would not leave Congress until we got some COVID relief bill? That was months ago.”

Their true intentions have been revealed. They never actually wanted more relief for citizens, they just wanted media to put out that they did.

Read the whole article here.

Image Credit: Axios

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