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Democrat SPITS On Trump’s Religious Faith

Democrat SPITS On Trump’s Religious Faith

She just made a big mistake.

According to Breitbart News, network political commentator former Sen. Claire McCaskill attacked President Donald Trump stating “He’s never read the Bible.”

McCaskill said, “I am so sad and angry and full of emotion about what our country is going through right now. And the nerve of this man and the people around him thinking it was a good idea to use police on horses and tear gas and flashbangs to move a peaceful crowd so he could go out there and do something that’s in its essence so phony.”

She continued, “What’s most insulting about it, Nicolle, is that he actually thinks that Americans believe that he is somehow a Christian. He’s never read the Bible. He doesn’t know what’s in it. He doesn’t — he hasn’t been somebody who has attended church as president of the United States. He’s never role modeled Christian behavior. He doesn’t know the Beatitudes. So for him to use this Bible —what I can’t get is people around him, who should have stopped him and say, this won’t work. The people out there that you need to vote for who aren’t for you now aren’t going to buy what you’re selling. You slept with a porn star when your wife just had a baby, and you said in the campaign, you never asked for forgiveness from God. Oh, my Lord. Pardon me to use the Lord’s name in vain right now, but I’m at a loss. I’m just at a loss.” You can watch a clip of McCaskill’s remarks here.

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