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Democrat Lashes Out, Blind To Hypocrisy

Democrat Lashes Out, Blind To Hypocrisy

A prominent Democrat and 2020 presidential candidate is getting angry after being treated in similar fashion to President Donald Trump.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been recorded by MSNBC making statements in opposition to the implication that an investigation may be opened against his son Hunter. 

“Rudy Giuliani, it’s hard for me to comment on Rudy Giuliani. I don’t think I will because my Irish may come up. It is a personal attack. I expect that from Rudy Giuliani and the president. It’s not been one scintilla of evidence that my son ever interfered, ever asked me anything, that I ever got involved in anything other than doing the job I was supposed to do, or that he ever contacted anybody in the American government. So I’m proud of him. I think it’s the way these guys play,” Biden said.

It’s funny how Biden is claiming to be outraged over the suggestion of investigating his son, meanwhile his party is trying to subpoena Donald Trump Jr. into appearing before Congress yet again. 

It goes to show that while Democrats don’t mind dishing out investigation they can’t take it when it happens to their own. 

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  • Evidence shows you should be scared. Your son too. That apple fell from the same tree. Joe, you’re a disgrace to this great country. You helped spy on President Trump, allowed HRC to do illegal things with her private server among some other deeds. And you want American taxpayers to pay for illegal aliens Health care..nice Joe, nice

  • Joe,
    Wait until the leftists in your own nutty party start turning on you.
    You should bow out now, there’s no room for ANY white males in the “new” socialist democrat people’s party.
    Now get back to writing some new apologies!!!!

  • Crazy Uncle Joe has more skeletons in his closet than J Dommer. Democrats all get enraged when you accuse them of doing exactly what they are doing. Their standard plan is to accuse others of doing what they themselves actually are doing and act enraged about it, all part of their dishonesty.

  • Naturally Biden feels his son being investigated is not fair but he will feel that way for every Democrap who gets investigated and jailed for their Crimes. See Democraps don’t think laws apply to them.

  • I think the phrase “not one scintilla of evidence” means there’s a whole lot, a truckload of evidence. Remember Obama used the same phrase with respect to the IRS scandal? There’s not one scintilla, but there is a whole mountain of evidence. Now I got it!

  • Joe, we just aren’t buying your story. The lily white democrat just does not exist. Except for the deaf, blind and dumb Joe(FOR WHICH THERE ARE MANY), Joe your story is tired and old just like you….

  • I think most people that love AMERICA and want the best for all the AMERICAN PEOPLE fed up with bias news and the DEMON-CRATS!!!!

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