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Democrat FLIPS The Script On C0VID-19 Relief

Democrat FLIPS The Script On C0VID-19 Relief

They are messing with people’s livelihoods. 

Democrat Jared Golden previously stated that it was “morally unacceptable” to continue with the $1.9 trillion coronavirus package. He instead wanted Congress to pass a $20 billion relief instead.

Golden said, “Any delay in ramping up vaccinations should be unacceptable to a president who seeks to prove that his administration can effectively govern the nation through this crisis, and it should be morally unacceptable to members of Congress whose constituents remain at risk each day.”

Now Golden is saying that he is in support of the $1.9 trillion coronavirus bill.

He is saying, “We need to walk and chew gum. And when it comes to investments that can speed up vaccination programs and our capacity to test around the country, that should go first.”

Democrat’s can’t seem to make their minds up and it is affecting America.

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Image Credit: Bangor Daily News

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