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Democrat CAUGHT On Tape ASSAULTING Voters

Democrat CAUGHT On Tape ASSAULTING Voters

This is disgusting…

Democrat Max Rose was recently caught cursing at potential voters outside a Staten Island grocery store. Rose is up against Republican Nicole Malliotakis, who is endorsed by President Trump, and has been losing in the race.

A news outlet stated that Rose “may have snapped” because he is losing against his opponent, but is still calling him a “talented politician.”

That drew tremendous anger from his constituents – look at any social media, even in the non-political groups, and you’ll see that any discussion of Congressman Rose results in a large majority of comments wishing he loses or worse, much worse.

Marching with BLM, particularly when they chanted to defund the police, wrought even more harm to Max Rose. Today, no other politician in New York City gets as much hate on social media as Rose, save maybe for Bill de Blasio.

According to an NBC 4 New York / Marist Poll released on Monday, first-term Rose trails Malliotakis 48 percent to 46 percent among likely voters in New York’s 11th Congressional District.

Regardless of how he’s doing in the polls, his actions against potential voters will hurt him and he should have thought before he spoke.

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Image Credit: The New York Times

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