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Crazy Democrat LOSES It After Impeachment

Crazy Democrat LOSES It After Impeachment

She just crossed the line.

According to CNS News, House impeachment manager Del. Stacey Plaskett attacked Republicans for not voting to convict former President Donald Trump.

Plaskett said, “I think we didn’t back down. I think what we did was, we got what we wanted, which was her statement, which was what she said, and had it put on the record, and being able to say it on the record out loud, so that others would hear.”

“Just so the American public is aware, witnesses in a Senate hearing do not come and stand before the senators and make any statements. It’s a deposition. It’s videotaped, and that is brought before the Senate. So, I know that people are feeling a lot of angst and believe that maybe, if we had this, the senators would have done what we wanted, but, listen, we didn’t need more witnesses. We needed more senators with spines,” she said. You can read the full article here.

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