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CNN Host Says The UNTHINKABLE About Trump

CNN Host Says The UNTHINKABLE About Trump

He just crossed the line.

According to Fox News, CNN host Don Lemon attacked President Donald Trump stating he appeared to be “hopped up” on a performance-enhancing drug during the presidential debate.

“I felt like I was watching a kid whose doctor had prescribed him too much Adderall,” Lemon said.

“Yeah,” CNN host Chris Cuomo added. “You can’t just reach in the medicine cabinet… and hope it works.”

Lemon then asked, “Am I wrong?”

“That’s how I feel because he was overly aggressive, it’s like he was hopped up on, I don’t know what was going on,” Lemon said.

“I wish I could see it that way, because I think a lot of people share your observation,” Cuomo said. “This is the only guy I know.” You can read the full article here.

Image credit: Newsweek

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