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CNN Host LOSES It Over Trump Supporters

CNN Host LOSES It Over Trump Supporters

Here’s what he said.

According to the Daily Caller, CNN host Don Lemon attacked former President Donald trump supporters stating that they are living in a “fantasy land.”

“How do you reason with unreasonable people, John? I think it’s impossible,” Lemon began. “I think asking sane people to try to reason with people who are not living in reality is quite a tall order, and I’m not quite sure if it’s fair because no matter how many times you tell them the election wasn’t rigged, no matter how many courts you send it to with Republican judges, with Republican electors, they still won’t believe it.”

“I don’t know they want to. I don’t believe that they want to. I think they like living in the world they are living in and so be it. Let them live in that world. I think people on the same side should galvanize together and keep living in reality,” Lemon concluded. “If they choose to come over, fine. If not, enjoy yourselves in living in your fantasy land.” You can read the full article here.

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