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CNN Host BEGS Liberals To Do THIS

CNN Host BEGS Liberals To Do THIS

Here’s what she said.

According to Breitbart News, CNN host Dana Bash told Americans that, with Pete Buttigieg out of the race, it is time to support Joe Biden.

“What Pete Buttigieg did was try to lead the way,” Bash told CNN. “But he’s saying, without using these words, ‘I’m the guy who won Iowa. I came from nowhere with a name nobody could pronounce, with no national base, no national and natural fundraising base. And look at how far I came. And yet, I understand the reality of math. I don’t see a path forward.'”

She continued, “And so, the signal he is giving to others, including somebody with a lot of money, the deepest pockets in the world, Mike Bloomberg, is, ‘OK, guys. It’s time. Let’s pull back.’ He’s not actually endorsing Joe Biden.”

Bash added, “I can tell you that there is a lot of encouragement — people begging him to do so from around Biden world — but he’s making clear that it’s time to consolidate.” You can watch a clip of Bash’s remarks here.

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