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Chuck Schumer EXPLODES On Trump

Chuck Schumer EXPLODES On Trump

He really needs to calm down…

Minority Leader Chuck Schumer went onto “The View” recently and said that Trump was trying “to destroy the honor and values of America.” 

He continued with, “This president plays so fast and loose with the truth, not only on that issue. The other day he just said he’s defending, protecting our health care, our preexisting conditions. He’s doing everything to undermine it. And the families of America need good health care.”

“The greatest thing America has is its honor and its values. That’s what the Founding Fathers focused on. That’s what all of our great political thinkers have focused on, and no person, no person has done more to destroy the honor and values of America than Donald Trump, and that’s why I think he’s got to go.”

He doesn’t see how much America is succeeding and wants to bring down everything that we have worked for. Read the rest of the story here.

Image Credit: National Review

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