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Bloomberg’s NASTY Plan Gets EXPOSED

Bloomberg’s NASTY Plan Gets EXPOSED

What a twisted person…

Former staffers for Michael Bloomberg’s campaign were surprised when they were abruptly fired after he ended his campaign, but were given a “parting gift as a ‘token of our appreciation.'”

An email to the staffers stated: “We sincerely appreciate your commitment and dedication over the past few months! As a token of our appreciation, we are offering you the opportunity to keep your laptop and iPhone.”

Bloomberg’s campaign told staffers that the laptops and iPhones would be taxed, however the ex-staffers did not expect the “hundreds of dollars in taxes to be deducted from their final paycheck.”

An ex-staffer said, “We were never told our last checks would be taxed (for me, I lost $800+!) before they did it. If they told us that, people would have been a little more stringent about opting out of taking them.”

An attorney representing the ex-staffers also stated, “It doesn’t sound right. How can workers be expected to pay taxes on something they didn’t want The law certainly doesn’t allow an employer to pay wages with anything but money.”

Looks like Bloomberg was able to sneak another one by his OWN staff. Read the full story here.

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