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Biden’s Wife SNAPS At Innocent Reporter

Biden’s Wife SNAPS At Innocent Reporter

She just showed her true colors.

According to The Daily Wire, 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden’s wife Jill attacked an innocent reporter after she was asked about her husbands cognitive abilities.

“The president’s campaign this week released an ad just really attacking your husband’s cognitive abilities, suggesting that he’s lost a step or two in the last few years,” NBC News host Savannah Guthrie said. “As far as you’re concerned, is that a fair attack? Is that something that should be debated as part of the campaign?”

“No. No. It’s ridiculous,” Jill Biden responded. “I mean Joe’s on the phone every single minute of the day talking to governors who are calling him and Nancy Pelosi. He’s on the Zoom. He’s doing fundraisers. He’s doing briefings. I mean he doesn’t stop from 9 in the morning till 11 at night. So, that, you know, that’s ridiculous.”

You can read the full article here.

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