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Biden Gets EXPOSED For DISGUSTING Act To Children

Biden Gets EXPOSED For DISGUSTING Act To Children

This is who the Democrats want as president.

An American singer-songwriter Meredith Brooks has recently called out Alyssa Milano for endorsing Biden and accusing her of hypocrisy. Alyssa Milano claims to support victims of sexual misconduct, but seems to be going back on her words by supporting Biden.

Brooks stated that “seeing photos of Biden touching children made her ‘blood curl.'”

She posted: “[Alyssa Milano]⁩ as a child victim of molestation this curdles my blood I’ve never spoken about this before but I have no choice now. You need to wake up.”

Biden can be seen doing extremely inappropriate acts to children as well as adults. Another post by Rose McGowan states what everyone is thinking:

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Image Credit: TheHill

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