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Biden ANGERS Liberals

Biden ANGERS Liberals

What was he thinking?

According to Breitbart News, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden broke away from the protestors stating he does not support defunding the police.

Host Norah O’Donnell asked, “Do you support defunding the police?”

Biden stated, “No. I don’t support defunding the police. I support conditioning federal aid to police based on whether or not they meet certain basic standards of decency, on honorableness, and in fact, are able to demonstrate they can protect the community and everybody in the community.”

He also said that he believes we are in the midst of “one of those great inflection points in American history, for real, in terms of civil liberties, civil rights, and the — just treating people with dignity.” You can watch a clip of Biden’s remarks here.

Image credit: The Hard Times

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