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BREAKING: Nadler Has ‘Health Scare’ on Camera

The pressure of office may be getting to 71-year-old Democrat Jerry Nadler after he appeared to nearly faint during a press event.

Christian Stabbed By Migrant For THIS Reason

Citizens continue to suffer at the hands of illegal immigrants all over the world. 

Man Causes Chaos At White House

Right before the weekend things started to really heat up in front of the White House. Literally.

This State Closing In On MAJOR Victory

One state is perhaps only one week away from dealing a devastating blow to those who support the slaughter of unborn children.

Country Makes Ugly Statement To U.S.

Growing tension on the global stage as reached new heights with one country making a grave declaration against the United States. 

Pelosi Makes CRAZY Declaration

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is practically calling for Democrats to commit treason.