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Deputy’s Son Charged With Heinous Crime

After two terrifying weeks, a criminal that has been terrorizing southern Louisiana has been apprehended. But the identity of that individual has the town talking. 

Trumps SLAMS This Fox News Member

President Trump spent some time venting over the weekend after he was called out by a member of the Fox News team.

Nadler SLAMMED By ‘Fast and Furious’ Victim

Kent Terry lost his brother Brian to operation “Fast and Furious.” Now he’s lashing out at Rep. Jerry Nadler for changing his stance on holding those in charge of the operation accountable. 

Sore Losers: Democrats Hatch Another Ploy

Despite hearing that the Mueller report clears President Donald Trump of collusion and then hearing it again during the public release of the report, pig-headed Democrats just don’t know when to quit. 

Man Causes Chaos At White House

Right before the weekend things started to really heat up in front of the White House. Literally.